v. intr. 1. To jostle and push. 2. to work or move rapidly and energetically. 3. To act aggressively, esp. in business dealings.

n. 1. The act or instance of jostling or shoving. 2. Energic activity; drive. 3. slang. An illicit or unethical way of doing business or obtaining money; a fraud or deceipt.


adj. 1. Uncommon; rare. 2. Exquisite; choice. 3. Overrefined; forced. 4. Pretentious; overblown.

58 Gin, like many distilleries, offers gin tuition… She handed each of us a clipboard, on which was a list of twenty-six botanicals. Some of these were fairly mainstream, like pink grapefruit and chamomile; others were more recherché, like aniseed and cassia.”

Anthony Lane, “Ginmania,” The New Yorker